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INACF Health Fair on Sunday September 25th from 12 :30 PM-to 3pm

Greetings to all of you. INACF Health Fair 2018 and GB meeting is planned for Sunday September 23rd from 12 :30 PM-to 3pm at  Mar Gregorios Syrian Orthodox Church 12001 N 58th street, Tampa, Florida 33617.
We are also planning health seminars along with the health fair. There is opportunities for clinical ladder by getting volunteer hours & leadership hours. We will also have a general body meeting after the health fair .

Dress Code: INACF members please wear INACF T shirt/ plain white T shirt and Blue Jeans.

Please bring your spouse, family and friends ,participate & make the best use of this event.   Please bring in your health insurance cards so that you can get your flu shots.Any one interested in volunteering, please let us know.

Please plan to be there, Volunteer your time for good cause, earn service hours. 

Flu Shots Jain (813) 574 7419
Blood Pressure Testing Jain (813) 574 7419
Glucose Testing Jessy (813) 890 8318
Cholesterol Screening Suma (813) 838 2633
Stroke Awareness Saly (813) 453 0039


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